What to Expect with the Hearing Aid Test Drive Process

Care is our middle name. We're here to help you get through your journey with hearing loss.

Hearing Test Sound BoothAt Hearing Care Centers, we love nothing more than helping individuals in our community maintain the relationships with their loved ones. We truly believe that managing your hearing loss can help enormously towards achieving this. Hearing aids are a big financial decision for most households and we want you to make sure you have made the right decision.

There are so many technologically advanced hearing aids on the market, it can be hard to decide which one to get. We understand that it can feel overwhelming. At Hearing Care Centers, we strive to make sure you leave us with hearing aids that are right for you. We are so proud to offer you The Hearing Aid Test Drive. We know that reading all the reviews on the web will not compare to experiencing using the hearing aid in your day to day life. You would buy a car before you drive it, so why not do the same with hearing aids?


Here’s How It Works:

  • Appointment

    Make an appointment for a hearing test.

  • Consultation

    After a consultation, take home a pair of hearing aids the very same day. There is absolutely no commitment and nothing to pay up front.

  • Test Drive

    Test the hearing aids at work, at the gym, at the grocery store, watching TV etc. When you have made a decision on them, come back to see us.

Things to Consider Before Starting the Hearing Aid Test Drive

If you are ready to test drive one of our devices, we’re so happy to serve you! As you go through the process, please remember the following advice to ensure a smooth experience:

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Hearing aids have an adjustment period.

When we wear glasses after needing them for so long, the effect is like night and day. Unfortunately, that is not the case with hearing aids. There is usually a period of fine-tuning needed while you and your brain get used to the technology. That’s why we believe it is so important to try your hearing aids before committing to them.

Not every hearing aid is right for every person.

Hearing aids are more personal than you think. Despite all the research you might do online, the hearing aids you have your eyes (or ears) on might not be the correct fit for your needs. That’s why it is important to test hearing aids so that you can find the hearing aid that matches your specific hearing profile and lifestyle. In your journey to find the one that works for you, we are with you every step of the way.
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