Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

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Summer has arrived and you maybe planning to celebrate by hitting the road or flying above it all to visit distant friends, family and destinations abroad. If you have hearing aids, planning ahead can be essential in making sure your summer travels go off with out a hitch.

Careful Planning Goes a Long Way

Whether you’ve chosen your destination for its weather, location or to visit friends and family consider activities available, population, nightlife and average traffic.

Contact your hotel ahead of time

Think about what you need for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Does the hotel provide auxiliary aids, telephones that are compatible with hearing aids or visual alarm clocks? To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), hotels and motels must be accessible to individuals with hearing loss. The ADA applies to all inns, hotels, motels or other places of lodging.

Sign up for travel notifications

Make you reservations online and sign up for email or text confirmations and alerts. Signing up ahead of time you will give you easy access to your itinerary, and you won’t miss important announcements about delays or cancellations. 

Communicate with your fellow travelers

After identifying your needs for a stress-free vacation, communicate them with the people around you – your travel companions, airport security officers, flight attendants and hotel staff, among others. When passing through airport security, you are not required to remove your hearing aids, but TSA recommends that you inform the security officer before the screening process begins.

Remember the Essentials

When you’re packing, make a list of the items you’ll need to bring with you to make sure your hearing aids stay in working order your whole trip. Here are a few essentials to consider:

  • Extra batteries: While traveling, you may find yourself wearing your hearing aids longer than you normally would, so you may go through batteries quicker. Additionally, if you run out of batteries on vacation, you may not be able to buy new ones easily.
  • Cleaning kit: Make sure you keep them clean. This will help guard against additional wear and tear they may experience as a result of being in new and different locations.
  • Dryer/dehumidifier: If you’re going somewhere humid or near water, be sure to take your dryer or dehumidifier and use it nightly to fully dry out your hearing aids.
  • Charging station and charging cable: If you have rechargeable hearing aids, remember your charging station!
  • Extra domes and wax guards: A misshapen dome or clogged wax guard could prevent you from fully enjoying your trip.

Tips for Flying with Hearing Aids

  • Wear your hearing aids when you fly. If you know you’re going to be in a challenging listening environment, like an airport and on a plane, you may be tempted to take your hearing aids out altogether. Keep them in so you ensure that they are with you and can keep you alert to everything happening around you.
  • Keep hearing aid supplies in your carry-on bag. Keep everything to do with your hearing aids close to you at all times. Air travel is full of unexpected delays, layovers, and more. Having your batteries, cleaning kit, and accessories in your carry-on allows you to keep everything close.
  • Wear your hearing aids during the flight. When the flight staff asks everyone to turn off electronic devices, this mandate does not apply to hearing aids. Keeping your hearing aids in will keep you more clued into announcements you should hear.

Driving with Hearing Aids

  • To help you keep track of where you’re going while keeping your eyes on the road.  There are several programs that stream navigation from your phone directly to your hearing aids.
  • Noise Reduction.Wind and road noise can be distracting in a car, but some advanced hearing aids can be programmed to compensate for background noise.  Keep the windows shut in favor of climate control.
  • To better hear other passengers in the car, use the remote microphone accessory for your hearing aid.

Hearing Care Centers

Most importantly, make sure you enjoy your self and have fun!  Carefully planning your trip ahead of time can make sure that your vacation goes off without a hitch. At Hearing Care Centers, we can help make sure you have everything you need to travel with hearing aids so you can have the vacation of your dreams. Contact us today for an appointment.

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