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Re-testing and Extending Hearing Aid Warranties

Thomas Bartolucci, BC-MHIS, (Retired) Patient Care Coordinator 


          Once an individual is diagnosed with a hearing loss, that individual should be re-tested every eighteen months – two years to monitor any changes in their hearing.  Patients who have hearing loss and wear hearing aids should have testing in quiet and in noise with and without their instruments. This will help your hearing health care provider recommend reprogramming or new technology.

          When you first purchase a hearing instrument your provider would have explained the warranty time period and what was covered. This should also be printed on your purchase agreement which was signed at time of delivery. Typical coverage includes a two to three year service warranty for in office repairs, service and reprogramming. Also, included is loss and damage which will protect your hearing aids in the event they are damaged beyond repair or lost. When the factory warranty is about to expire it is highly advisable to purchase an extended warranty package to ensure continued protection. The extended warranty helps safeguard your investment against component breakdown along with loss and damage.  The costs incurred in purchasing the extended warranty outweigh repairing the hearing aid or replacing it all together.

          Hearing instrument purchase is an investment in you.  Properly maintained hearing aids help ensure continued communication success in your life. Next month we talk about daily maintenance and how often we should have office visits.