How Hearing Loss Interferes with Your Relationships

How Hearing Loss Interferes with Your Relationships

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Jack Felix, ACA, BC, HIS

Jack Felix is principal owner of Hearing Care Centers with offices in West Hartford, Bristol and Torrington, Connecticut. Mr. Felix has over 40 years’ experience in the Hearing Aid industry. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Providence College, is licensed by the state of Connecticut as a Hearing Aid Specialist, and is Board Certified by the National Board in Hearing Instrument Sciences. In addition, Mr. Felix has been certified by the American Council of Audioprosthology as an Audioprosthologist. Mr. Felix has served as President of the Connecticut Hearing Aid Dispensers Organization (CHADO) as well as secretary and vice president of the organization.
Jack Felix, ACA, BC, HIS

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Have you ever considered how challenging life maybe for the person suffering from hearing impairment? Untreated hearing loss can affect a person’s life in a major way. What is life like from the perspective of a person suffering?

What Could Happen with Untreated Hearing Loss?

  • Communication can be challenging
  • Social isolation becomes more common
  • Increased risk for dementia
  • Relationships can deteriorate due to communication issues

Communication can be challenging

Having the freedom to hear yourself speak is priceless. The ability to hear your own voice allows an individual to communicate beyond words. This means the way you say something could make an impact as to how serious your need is.

For the person suffering from a hearing loss untreated, it could become potentially dangerous for him to live his life independently in a community surrounded by people who don’t truly understand his circumstance. The sufferer could become a risk or liability to himself. Simply crossing the street without realizing a vehicle is driving toward him is dangerous if he can’t hear the voice of another person warning him to get out of the street.

Social isolation becomes more common

While we don’t consider this communication is a love language that we often abuse by speaking hate. Untreated hearing loss is burdensome and it causes social loneliness for the sufferer. For the individual suffering with this disability social isolation is common because the beginning stages of friendships are communication.

While someone suffering from hearing loss of any age can build friendships over time and communicate with their friend via text message or sign language, verbal communication always wins. Friendships are built on laughter, jokes, and verbal words of encouragement. The lack of hearing can only make a friendship so strong. For this reason, stronger friendships are created between two individuals who suffer from the same disability.

Two individuals who share the same background share the same frustrations and the same discriminations associated with hearing difficulty. Therefore, by coming together and building a friendship together both individuals are building on common ground. For this reason, the hearing impaired should seek communities of likeminded people sharing the same disorder.

Increased risk for dementia

The mouth happens to be a human-friendly reminder we use to remind ourselves of things we need to get done for the day. The daily activities and social activities we participate in all help us to strengthen our memory. As discussed earlier it’s typical for an individual suffering from a hearing loss to have issues connecting with others.

An increased risk of hearing difficulty does not necessarily mean a person is at an increased risk for dementia. The older a person becomes that suffers from this disorder the least likely they are to challenge their mind to learn. Losing the will to learn will definitely affect the way the brain responds to devices such as hearing aids.

Therefore, most doctors will recommend that a person living under these circumstances seek professional care so that the brain is still sharp enough to use hearing aids. Waiting too long to fix the problem only makes it harder for the individual due to memory loss.

Relationships can deteriorate due to communication issues

What if you lost the ability to hear your spouse verbally say “I love you?” What if you couldn’t hear the story your grandchild is telling you about her first day of school? It’s hard to maintain relationships when you’re struggling to hear. Speech recognition becomes a challenge when it comes to untreated hearing loss. Misunderstandings and frustrations could lead to conflicts, as well. This could undermine your most important relationships when it was just a simple miscommunication that could’ve been treated.

 Hearing Care Centers

The best part about regaining your hearing is that you get to hear, once again, the voices of everyone you care about. If you or someone you know is suffering from hearing impairment, contact us at Hearing Care Centers. Our team of specialists can help you reconnect with the sounds of your life.

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