Hearing Aids & Artificial Intelligence

Hearing Aids & Artificial Intelligence

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Jack Felix, ACA, BC, HIS

Remember the hearing aids that your grandparents used to wear? Don’t make the mistake of believing that hearing aids are still at that level of technology.  Just about everything electronic in our lives keeps advancing and this applies to the newest hearing aids as well. Hearing aids of today have so many capabilities to make hearing easier than ever before. Not only do they filter out background noise, amplify speech tones, and adapt to diverse listening environments, but they do this using artificial intelligence.

Hearing Aids & AI

When you think of artificial intelligence (AI) you may think of sci-fi movies from your childhood. It is true that our science fiction can often inform the future of technology. AI is a simulation of human intelligence processed by computers. AI remembers and adapts to different situations, simulating the experience of computer learning.

How AI Hearing Aids Work

Basically AI hearing aids can make decisions based on what you’ve taught them to adjust automatically to listening environments, so you can hear your best as you change locations throughout your day, without having to give thought to your hearing aids. You can simply hear you best in the places you visit regularly. Hearing aids with AI technology use algorithms to adapt to your environments. They learn and memorize your hearing preferences prompted by a series of questions and observations. Once your device has learned how you prefer to hear you can navigate easily knowing your hearing aids will constantly adapt to help you hear your best.

Advancements in Hearing Aids

This year promises the biggest leap in ease of technology for your hearing aids. With a host of new features your hearing experience will take less effort than ever before. Features that we have come to rely on are becoming more adaptive due to AI, automatically adjusting to the world around us. Here are just a few features that are making our hearing experience easier in 2020 using AI

Improved Sound Processing and Frequency Response

Digital hearing aids process sound by converting analog sound to digital before it can be amplified within your ear.  The hearing aids of today have processors that work faster than ever. They can hone in on the manor of your hearing loss and amplify only the frequencies that you struggle with, creating a faster reaction time. This type of customization in hearing aids is referred to as frequency response.

Bluetooth compatibility

Bluetooth technology in hearing aids works as a way to transmit sound information wirelessly to your hearing aids. It can be accessed by connecting GPS directly to your ears while driving giving you fewer chances for distraction. It can even send phone calls and video conferences to your ears so you can be sure not to miss what people are saying. This can help at work or home to avoid feedback and confusion and help you hear your best.

Apps for Hearing Aids

There are now smartphone apps that accompany modern hearing aids. These apps make it easier to make adjustments, monitor your battery life and contact your hearing aid provider to clear up any issues you may be having. Many of these apps connect your phone to your ears via Bluetooth, helping you feel more connected to the world around you. Some apps today even allow you to translate different languages in real time!

Binaural processing

Binaural processing allows both ears to communicate with each other. This helps you decipher what direction a sound comes from making it safer for you to navigate the world independently. This feature repairs the natural connection in the brain to communicate between ears when your hearing becomes compromised.

Track Your Health

The newest hearing aids now monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and brain health using sensors to make sure that everything is working well and predict potential health hazards before they can progress. They also keep track of your daily exercise and activity encouraging you to stay active and healthy.

Step Into The Future with AI

Are you ready for hearing aids that will protect your health and hearing while making sure you hear your best wherever you go? Contact us to find out more about the newest innovations in hearing aids today and how they can improve your life every day.

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