Adjusting to New Hearing Aids

Adjusting to New Hearing Aids

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Although we hear with our ears, we process the information from external noise with our brains. One of the most interesting aspects of the brain is its ability to adapt and to change. The term neuroplasticity refers to changes in neural connections, pathways, and networks as a result of maturation and development, sensory deprivation, injury, disease, dysfunction, and learning. When you are fitted with a new hearing aid, it takes some time to adapt but thanks to neuroplasticity, your brain will catch up.

Using hearing aids changes the way that we process sound information like speech in noisy situations. Therefore, it’s no surprise that research shows hearing aid wearers require at least 6 weeks of hearing aid use before considering themselves adjusted to a new hearing device. There are numerous surveys that suggest that correcting hearing loss with hearing aids provides benefits in addition to improved hearing, such as improved quality of life, improved relationships at home and work, feelings of safety and independence, and improved mental health. Don’t let the unfamiliar adjustment period stop you from living with better hearing. Below are a few tips to get used to wearing your new hearing aids so you can start living the life you deserve.

The adjustment period

If you waited a few years to get a hearing aid, you will start hearing sounds you haven’t heard in a long time. It will take some time to get used to hearing them again. It also takes time to adjust to sounds that are amplified directly in your ear. It can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days for your brain to adjust to your new hearing aids, so don’t give up. 

Hearing aids may be uncomfortable at first

New hearing aids are similar to new shoes or new glasses. They don’t feel familiar, and take some getting used to. at Hearing Care Centers we can help make adjustments to your hearing aid to make sure the fit is perfect for you.  Even so, give yourself time to get used to them. What is a little uncomfortable at first will quickly become normal.

You may have difficulty understanding speech

Some hearing aids can direct hearing in a particular direction, but even with all the new advancements in hearing aid technology the best hearing aids still haven’t been able to completely separate speech sounds from other sounds in every environment. Even people with normal hearing sometimes have trouble hearing speech and following conversations in loud places. This complaint is common among new hearing aid wearers, and it is something they quickly learn to adjust to.

Learn how to minimize feedback

Feedback occurs in hearing aids that don’t fit properly, or are clogged with earwax. Hearing aids should fit tightly. Poorly fitted hearing aids can cause sound to leak out of the ear. The escaping of sound can be corrected with a quick visit to Hearing Care Centers to adjust the fit of your hearing aid, or to clean up extraneous earwax. 

Eliminate static

If your hearing aid is producing static then they are not functioning properly. Visit us at Hearing Care Centers for us to evaluate the success of your hearing aids. Static in hearing aids can be something as simple as dirt buildup, or a low battery, or something more complicated like an amplifier problem. Your audiologist will be able to diagnose the problem, and can work with you to get it corrected, so your hearing is undisturbed and as normal as possible.  Once you deal with your hearing aids to make sure they are functioning properly you can focus on your life completely better than before when you were living with untreated hearing loss.

Hearing Care Centers

Hearing is a complex sense, but our team at Hearing Care Centers will be available to support you as you adapt to your new hearing devices and help with programming adjustments along the way. If your current hearing aids are not serving you or you are a first time hearing aid user, contact us at Hearing Care Centers.  We can test your hearing and help you find the best hearing aids for your lifestyle needs.  Then you can get back to living your life knowing your ears aren’t missing a thing.



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