Acknowledging the Reality of Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss is a serious matter. Not only does it affect your ability to hear but has far reaching negative side effects. With approximately 48 million Americans living with some form of disabling hearing loss, it’s important to understand that you are not alone in this. While it is often hard to admit that you have a problem, ignoring this serious condition is far worse. Let’s explore some of the advantages of acknowledging and treating hearing loss before things get any more serious.

Dangers of ignoring your hearing loss

Hearing loss is not just an ear issue, but one that affects your brain. When tiny hairs and nerves used to send sound information from the inner ear to the brain become damaged then your brain is forced to hear with limited information. Certain tones and frequencies may be missed making it hard to piece together sentences.

This can make it hard to communicate, which can damage your relationships between family, friends, work and your significant other. Constant misunderstandings turn into arguments and lack of satisfaction. Relationships and work performance suffer. People with untreated hearing loss make less money and be passed over for promotions. In fact, household income is affected on average up to $12,000 per year depending on how far hearing loss has progressed.

It can also just be exhausting to struggle to hear, leaving you wrecked after a day of trying to hear everything you are missing.  This is called listener’s fatigue and can lead to social isolation, as it may feel easier for people with impacted hearing to stay at home rather than subject themselves to a day of challenging and failed conversations. Untreated hearing loss has been linked to depression, anxiety and sleeplessness. When the brain is not challenged on a daily basis, untreated hearing loss has been connected to a rise in brain atrophy and a higher risk of dementia.

Advantages of dealing with hearing loss

Many choose to avoid dealing with their hearing loss because of social stigma, fear of investment and denial. At our practice, we seek to help end the social stigma by highlighting the advantages of dealing with your hearing loss. While there is no cure that  reverses hearing loss, hearing aids can amplify the sounds you are missing making it easier for you to communicate with friends, family, coworkers and all sorts of social interactions all day.

While many fear the investment of hearing aids, it is important to understand that avoiding the dangers associated with hearing loss outweigh the cost, making them more than worth it. We offer payment plans to make it easier to get the best hearing aids for you and your lifestyle. If you have been having trouble hearing the people around you and it is starting to become a problem be honest with yourself. The further you let hearing loss progress, the more of a strain it can be on all your interactions. This can create a detriment to your quality of life that is hard and sometimes impossible to get back.

Health benefits of hearing aids

When your hearing is amplified with hearing aids you will no longer have to ask people to repeat yourself. This can help repair distance in relationships and help you secede at work. Not only will you be able to hear better, but you will feel better. You will have a stronger sense of independence, as you wont need a translator to help you hear when you are out and about. You can confidently navigate a busy market, street or even drive a car safely. Your brain won’t have to struggle as hard making socializing fun again, keeping you engaged and your mind healthy.

Stay active with hearing aids

When you acknowledge your hearing loss and seek treatment you are making the decision to invest in your quality of life, rather than let it slip away due to social stigma or denial. Hearing aids continue to become more advanced, enhancing your hearing experience more and more naturally and making hearing with hearing loss less and less of an issue. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not have to focus on the struggles of hearing and just focus on the things that really matter to you in life? Contact us to find out the best options for you and your hearing loss today.

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